Local Suffolk Honey from the Waveney Valley

Our Apiary is sited in Hoxne, Suffolk, right in the heart of the Waveney Valley on the Norfolk border. The surrounding flower filled water meadows, hedgerows, village gardens and farmland provide a wide variety of pollen and nectar through the spring and summer for our gorgeous Hoxne honey.

Soft-set and runny Suffolk honey with nothing added or taken away...

To the east is the River Dove, a tributary of the Waveney and to the south the River Waveney itself. It rises just 10 miles from us near the village of Redgrave and forms the boundary between Suffolk and Norfolk for much of its length.

The Waveney meanders past the bottom of our garden and on for a further 45 miles along the valley before reaching the sea at Lowestoft. The whole area is an unspoilt natural habitat of tranquil woodland, vibrant river meadows, marshes, fens and broads.

The river is home to kingfisher, heron, otters and a great many varieties of dragonfly, as well as being a great water source for our honey bees. Please view our other pages to discover more about our pure Suffolk soft-set honey and runny summer honey with nothing added or taken away, just as the bees intended.

Bees Foraging on Poppy

Honey Fact

A honey bee visits between 50 and 100 flowers during one collection flight from the hive.

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